“A Days Wait”

The short story “A Days Wait” by Ernest Hemingway is written in a way different from many other short stories by other authors. Hemingway writes short sentences, and when anyone say something, the sentence get a paragraph of its own. The dialogues are short, for example when they talk about the boy’s temperature in the text;

‘What is it?’

‘Something like a hundred,’ I said. It was one hundred and two and four tenth.
‘It was a hundred and two,’ he said.
‘Who said so?’
‘The doctor.’

They have a short dialogue and the different paragraphs signifies who’s talking. Not just the dialogues are short, but the sentences as well. A problem i find with this is that some of the words he writes for example “covey” or “slack” which are words I rarely see or never see. You can see a better picture with word

s like this, and therefore i think it was a good idea keeping the words like that.


Is it brave to suffer in silence

It depends because there could be different reasons to not tell about your suffering to others. When you have an illness or know something bad has happened, keeping it to yourself, or not sharing with others might be good for them. On the other end, people in most cases want to hear if something has happened, and not telling the truth might be bad to do. Suffering together is also better than suffering alone because you unite and can share feelings. It isn’t brave keeping something for yourself if you have the opportunity to share it with others. Therefore it could be brave to suffer in silence, if the fact that you do this is also a suffering and shielding of someone else.

Being a good citizen

Refusing to stand and sing in he national anthem. Many american football players has refused to stand and sing at the national anthem, and doing this is makes you represent other people in your country who has the same Bilderesultat for taking a kneeproblems. This is beeing a good citizen, to speak for others who doesn’t dare. They stand up for what they believe is right, and that inspires me. There are a lot of people being discriminated against, and doing this makes those people heard, and makes the government and president need to do something about the problem.  Taking a knee means that you think more of the people who lives in your country rather than the country itself.

Speaking through literature and lyrics. This makes you a good citizen by communicating to your country and people. The lyrics

and literature inspire people to act, for their own country or for themselves. The literature can result in making peace, and Bob Dylan got the noble peace prize. Literature inspire people to do good things, and there were different poems and literature during the war, which encouraged people to act and fight back.

Spare Parts review

What surprised me the most in the list about the characters in the movie “Spare Parts”, was that all of the students were undocumented, and didn’t have papers in real life. I cannot imagine how it would feel to live undocumented, and get smuggled over the border. I was surprised that there were two teachers, Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Cameron.

The ROV that they made was influenced by their low budget.  There are several times in the movie, where they had to compromise to save money. An example of this is when they have to by regular cameras instead of waterproof cameras because they couldn’t afford them.  The ROV was made from cheap parts, including PVC pipe for the frame, or pool noodles to keep it floating, and a budget of under 800$, when MIT had a much bigger budget of  18 000$. The other collages had parents to help them with the money, and got jobs easier because they had papers.

Robots can be useful in the modern day society we live in today. They are used in factories to make them more efficient for example chocolate factories. Robots are used in very dangerous jobs that humans cannot do, for example bomb disarming or microsurgery. They can also go to radioactive places without being affected like the example from Japan. Another example of robots being useful is in China where a robot with artificial intelligence could decide if another person will wake up from coma or not. Many times has the doctors given up on the patient, while the AI said they would wake up. The AI was right. Robots can help people in need for medical attention by doing simple tasks in the house remotely which they can’t do themselves.


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

In the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, the author writes about the problems of a native american who wants to leave the reservation. In page 217 in the book, it says

“I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in my loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream”

This expresses the theme in the book, which is alienation and hope. alienation because you feel alone, but hope because you have the opportunity of finding something new.

The setting takes place in America at an Indian reservation. The main character describes it as beautiful.

“The reservation is beautiful. I mean it. Take a look. There are pine trees everywhere. Thousands of ponderosa pine trees. Millions. I guess i maybe take pine trees for granted.”

This is where Arnold, the main character, and his family lives. He is happy, but wants to go to another school outside of the reservation.

Arnold has a problem, because he doesn’t want to spend his entire life on the reservation, he wants to get away and knows that the only way he can do that is if he goes to Reardan. Reardan is a school for the white townspeople which lives nearby.

“I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in my loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream”

The quote above fits the plot as well as the theme because Arnold leaves his birthplace to search for a dream.

Arnold changes a lot during the book, and suddenly becomes one of the best players at the basketball team.

“”We have Arnold Spirit,” Coach said.”

At the start of the book, Arnold is weak and everyone pick on him easy and he’s scared of going to Reardan, but later in the book he gets more confident which you can tell from how he was at the basketball game.

I thought the book was great. It was fun and easy to read, and good explaining pictures so you could get a bigger picture of what you were reading. It was an interesting book with facts that i didn’t know about before.



Lethal Climate Changes, What is Trump Doing About It?

Lately, there has been a change in the weather, larger and more dangerous cyclones, hurricanes and wildfires. This has made it to the media as a part of global warming, which is the fact that the earth is getting warmer. The areas around the Gulf and Mexico are places which been affected a lot. The Hurricane Florence has struct hard recently and so did the Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year.

The U.S government are good to cover up and make death numbers seem less dramatic than they already are, and it is frightening to watch this from the sideline. For example, do they say that there are several hundred who have died from the incidents when the death number contains triple digits

The Emergency Services are not fit to handle these types of situations, and unable to help all the people in need. An example of this is the couple you can hear about in New York Times’ podcast. During the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year the death statistics showed a number of 2 975 deceased, even though the Puerto Rican government originally claimed the death numbers were only at 64 people. Donald J. Trump, the president of the U.S.A made a statement that the U.S Emergency Services did a “fantastic job”, handling the hurricane, despite nearly 3 000 had passed away.

The U.S Emergency Services are not fit to handle these types of situations, and therefore should they use more money on this problem rather than military jobs. The fact that the U.S.As president Donald Trump thinks that global warming is not caused by mankind.

My advice to learn better

Today i decided to write a blog post with my friend Tom-Vegar. Our task today was to write a blog post about how to learn cleverly and use less time at homework. We learned different learning techniques such as the “pomodoro” technique which i will talk about now.

The pomodoro technique is a way to learn, where you put away all devices that can distract you for 25 minutes and you only focus on reading or studying. If you get reminded that there are something else, the feeling lasts for 20 minutes and you will have a hard time studying. When the time is up and the alarm rings, you can take a few minutes break and get back to work soon. Then you are in the flow, you are ready to study more, and it’s easier to learn. There are thousands of people using this technique. This is a good technique for learning, and i recommend it.

Another way to learn better is too study hard and focus, it can be for 25 five minutes, more or less. The idea is to work hard and let the subconsciousness work with what you have read. When you get back to the work it will be easier to work and the material will be easier to understand.