“A Days Wait”

The short story “A Days Wait” by Ernest Hemingway is written in a way different from many other short stories by other authors. Hemingway writes short sentences, and when anyone say something, the sentence get a paragraph of its own. The dialogues are short, for example when they talk about the boy’s temperature in the text;

‘What is it?’

‘Something like a hundred,’ I said. It was one hundred and two and four tenth.
‘It was a hundred and two,’ he said.
‘Who said so?’
‘The doctor.’

They have a short dialogue and the different paragraphs signifies who’s talking. Not just the dialogues are short, but the sentences as well. A problem i find with this is that some of the words he writes for example “covey” or “slack” which are words I rarely see or never see. You can see a better picture with word

s like this, and therefore i think it was a good idea keeping the words like that.


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