Spare Parts review

What surprised me the most in the list about the characters in the movie “Spare Parts”, was that all of the students were undocumented, and didn’t have papers in real life. I cannot imagine how it would feel to live undocumented, and get smuggled over the border. I was surprised that there were two teachers, Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Cameron.

The ROV that they made was influenced by their low budget.  There are several times in the movie, where they had to compromise to save money. An example of this is when they have to by regular cameras instead of waterproof cameras because they couldn’t afford them.  The ROV was made from cheap parts, including PVC pipe for the frame, or pool noodles to keep it floating, and a budget of under 800$, when MIT had a much bigger budget of  18 000$. The other collages had parents to help them with the money, and got jobs easier because they had papers.

Robots can be useful in the modern day society we live in today. They are used in factories to make them more efficient for example chocolate factories. Robots are used in very dangerous jobs that humans cannot do, for example bomb disarming or microsurgery. They can also go to radioactive places without being affected like the example from Japan. Another example of robots being useful is in China where a robot with artificial intelligence could decide if another person will wake up from coma or not. Many times has the doctors given up on the patient, while the AI said they would wake up. The AI was right. Robots can help people in need for medical attention by doing simple tasks in the house remotely which they can’t do themselves.



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