My advice to learn better

Today i decided to write a blog post with my friend Tom-Vegar. Our task today was to write a blog post about how to learn cleverly and use less time at homework. We learned different learning techniques such as the “pomodoro” technique which i will talk about now.

The pomodoro technique is a way to learn, where you put away all devices that can distract you for 25 minutes and you only focus on reading or studying. If you get reminded that there are something else, the feeling lasts for 20 minutes and you will have a hard time studying. When the time is up and the alarm rings, you can take a few minutes break and get back to work soon. Then you are in the flow, you are ready to study more, and it’s easier to learn. There are thousands of people using this technique. This is a good technique for learning, and i recommend it.

Another way to learn better is too study hard and focus, it can be for 25 five minutes, more or less. The idea is to work hard and let the subconsciousness work with what you have read. When you get back to the work it will be easier to work and the material will be easier to understand.


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