The English Novel

I have chosen to read the book The Aboslutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian because i got interested in how Sherman Alexie, the author of the book, would write about native americans using his own experiences. Although he recently did something wrong, his book can be inspiring for not just other young native americans out there, but for other people with difficult life issues. I’m going to read the first chapter in a moment, just to see if my expectations are right.

I have just finished reading about 30 pages of the novel, and i can only say that it is a great book! The book funny when it covers the problems the main character have, despite the seriousness. The novel has a lot of great drawings which illustrates how the people look and acts, which gives us a good perspective on the life in a reservation or a rez as its called in the book. Alexie writes that the main character draws so much because words are so limited, and everyone can understand drawings. I had a good time reading now and i am looking forward to read more in the future.


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