My First Days at School

Hello everyone, i have recently started on a new school called Sandvika High School. Its not far from where i live, only 5 kilometres. I live at Høvik and use about 15 minutes on my bicycles.  It was exiting to start fresh on a big school like this, a lot of new faces and subjects. There are a lot of things to get used to, but i like this school more than the previous one. I have chosen to have an extra subject called IT or informational technology. i have three more hours a week, but get extra education and an advantage later. I have also gotten some new subjects like geography or theoretical math.

I have met most of the teachers now, and they all seem really nice. The other students in the class are also very nice, and i have already made some new friends. We talk a lot together in the breaks between the hours, and are all exited for a party were we get know each other.

In September are we going to Nordmarka, which is a camp in the forest were we will stay the night. We are going to pick a student from our class to be our student representative to speak for the students at the school. I am exited for this trip as well as the party and i know my class is as well.



3 thoughts on “My First Days at School

  1. Hi, Erlend!
    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a mentor for October 2018 Student Blogging Challenge. My maiden name was Sandvik, and I was born in Norway, but now I live in the United States.
    Which subject do you like better, theoretical math or geography?


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